So, I wanted to take a moment and talk about our plans for Volume 2. Not specific plot points mind you, but how we’re going to approach things to try and avoid problem areas that have plagued us over this first volume, in terms of both narrative and in terms of productivity.

Speaking on the former, right off we’re going to jump into some heavily demanded mythology and exposition. In fact, you can look at the first 20 or so pages of Volume 2 as a history lesson of sorts.

Additionally, I had some crazy ideas of how I wanted to run the narrative in Volume 1 and they failed spectacularly. So, in volume 2, I’ll be using a more conventional approach to how the story unfolds. Expect cleaner chapters with less divided focus. For example, Chapter 3, ‘Survivors’, will primarily focus on the two remaining BDL members still out in the field with a second, or “b” story, that will focus on the one character who somehow made it back to Bellac after the ghouls’ attack. Everybody else will have to wait their turn. There might be a one or two-off page setup outside of that, but the bulk of the pages will only be these characters and their plight, but essentially we’ll have less bloating and a leaner, cleaner story chapter and by the end, you’ll feel like we’ve actually accomplished something in terms of moving things forward. Volume 1 has suffered from having “too many balls in the air”, and we’ve heard you loud and clear on this point. And don’t worry, we’re still telling the same story, just more efficiently now. :)

And now the elephant in the room – the horrible update schedule. In the past, I’ve tried to fill in for DK and while that can keep us on schedule (for the most part) the art suffers and the story as a whole takes on a schizophrenic quality. This detract greatly from reader experience and enjoyment. This is something we completely understand and agree with. No more swithing artists mid-scene/chapter. In the event that this situation does rise again, we’ll post fill-in material or just go on an official hiatus til we get our house in order. But hopefully it won’t come to that, and here’s our hope/plan:

Now, if you look at MY artwork, you’ll see that some pages actually look pretty decent while others….not so much. The difference largely being the amount of time at my disposal. Basically, if I have time, i can get something out that is at least passable. Similarly, DK, who has beautiful art IHMO, also finds time constraints in the work week a challenge as well, making any kind of regular schedule almost impossible – at least for any lasting duration. Keeping this in mind, we’re structuring a story within a story format for Volume 2 that I’ll be handling the art chores on. This way, DK and I can alternate for much needed breaks that allow us more time per page since we have each other’s pages as buffers.

We’ll also be scheduling a summer hiatus every year that will allow us to take a breather or get caught up when necessary. I’ve seen quite a few webcomics taking this que from television and I think it might be something that will work for us as well.

We’re listening and we’re trying. And we’ll continue to do so.

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