The Becoming is a free serialized graphic epic that updates every Monday. It is written by J. Alan Shelton and illustrated by Douang Khamsitthisack.

It consists of five books: The Becoming I, The Bastard Saint, The Becoming II, The Sentinel, and The Becoming III. The first draft of the first book, The Becoming I, concludes in March 2014 with the second book, The Bastard Saint, beginning in May 2014.


The Becoming is the story of a young orphan named Oscar LeBeau who becomes the ward and apprentice of the woman who made him that way: Jeannine Delacroix, a Disciple of the Church of Bellac. The two find their fates entwined as they weather the political and religious climate of Bellac, ultimately defining the distinct roles they each will come to play in the world’s ultimate salvation – or destruction.