Called: This is a reference to a feeling of divine intervention, pushing one to petition themselves for communion with the church.

Communion: This is the process where an individual is graced with the power of the heavens to become a Disciple of the church. The process is incredibly dangerous with a 15% death rate of those who partake.

Crucible: Said to be a rare and prolonged aftereffect of communion that may drive the afflicted mad. It is generally considered by the Church to be a failure on the afflicted’s part for allowing their own personal demons to diminish their faith thus reducing their constitution and allowing their souls to become corrupted.

Disciple: An individual who has partaken in communion who now acts as a representative of the church outside of Bellac to “spread the word” and assimilate “cities of the fringe” into the Church of Bellac.

More terms may be added in the future.