Jeannine Delacroix

Disciple of the Church of Bellac. Is the current guardian of the recently orphaned Oscar LeBeau.

Master Gull

Master of the Church of Bellac. Is responsible for interpreting the writings of the Zola Codex in his own perspective, for it is the Master’s duty to study the books contained within the codex and apply their own meaning to the words, as it is said that they were chosen by God to deliver a specific message during their time as Master.

The Minister of Medicine

Head of the Ministry of Medicine where physical and psychological care for the citizens of Bellac occur.

Justin Lord

Emissary for the Church.

Lord Francis Shaw

A Lord and High Inquisitor of the Church who was responsible for recruiting Jeanne Delacroix, Richard Lebeau and Angelique (among others) as Disciples.


Chancellor Northman

Head of the city government little more than a year into his term.

Captain Belmont

Captain of the Northern Gate and leader of the “Busters”, a squad of BDL men and women who have earned a merit of outstanding achievement in service to Bellac. His father was the former Chancellor.

BDL Executive of Command Leonard Dunston

Simply referred to as “Commander Dunston”. Serves on the Chancellor’s Council of Nobles as the representative of the Bellac Defense League. His job is to oversee BDL operations based on executive orders issued by the Chancellor. Highest ranking official within the ranks of the Bellac Defense League.

Percival Pardy

Chief of Archives and Interim Professor at the Academy of Discipline and Wisdom, Junior Grade. Is the Brother-in-Law of the Chancellor.

Investigator Dumas

Former member of the BDL. Was put in charge of The Committee for Public Vigilance by the previous Chancellor. Currently the lead on the St. George manhunt.


Oscar LeBeau

The son of a recently deceased Disciple of the Church who has been placed into the custody of Jeannine Delacroix.

Amelia Blackwood

An engineer who sometimes takes government contracts.

Yvette Northman

Wife of the Chancellor and sister to Percival & William Pardy.

William Pardy

Brother of Percival Pardy & Yvette Northman and brother-in-law of the Chancellor. Suffers from “visions” that ultimately led to him being labelled a heretic by the Church and sentenced to execution. He was spared thanks to the timely intervention of the Chancellor and Richard Lebeau, a Disciple of the Church who publicly vouched for him, offering to be his “sponsor”. William has since had his citizenship rights greatly restricted including the need for a public chaperone, but is no longer in any imminent danger from the Church.


Oswald Abbot

The current Wizard of Bellac. Serves as one third of the triumvirate that governs over the city-state, the other 2/3 being the People’s Government and the Church. Lives within the walls that surround the city. Little else has been revealed at this time.

St. George

A highwayman roaming the streets of Bellac.


Ghouls are cannabalistic savages who live out in the fringe-lands, inflicting horror upon all they encounter. They wear the clothes of their victims as status symbols and attempt to speak “proper”, but generally end up garbling various dialects into a way of speaking, uniquely their own.