Previously in The Becoming…

Having been given the outfit of an Apprentice to the Church, Oscar was sent to see Lucifer, where he was to wait for Jeanne’s arrival. This did not go unnoticed however, as a spy for the church witnessed Oscar entering the Northern Gate.

Jeanne, who was to obtain a gate pass for Oscar from Percival Pardy, was delayed when Percival arrived at their rendezvous threatening to inform the authorities of her plans to abscond with Oscar unless she were to allow him to come along. A skirmish ensued but Jeanne emerged triumphant (albeit wounded) with the gate pass.


The Northern Gate received word that the guards outside the city had been attacked.

Captain Belmont then called for the men & women of his unit to assemble at the armory with the younger Barnes brother being pulled away from his first meeting with Amelia Blackwood.

I apologize for the tardiness of this update, but there has been a lot going on behind the scenes over the last few days and we’ve been waiting for some arrangements to get confirmed so I could update this post with all the details as accurately as possible so everyone would know what’s up right off and not be surprised when they come to the site next week and see Page 132 drawn by me and freak out by DK’s absence.

Long and short of it is that DK is going to have to take a brief hiatus from the comic to be with her family for the next few weeks. Unfortunately, for you and me, it’s uncertain how long she’ll need to be there, but right now it’s looking like it may be up to a month. This is one of those things that is absolutely unavoidable and I hope everyone understands. It’s family and that takes priority over pretty much everything else.

We talked about it for a bit and decided that instead of a fill-in or interlude, I’d just take over for the next few weeks and hope you guys can just solider through it while waiting for her to return. She’s got a few days before her flight and she’s going to try to cram in a page or two, pages 134 & 135, if possible by that time. So, cross your fingers, there should be that to look forward to.

Now, just to be perfectly clear: The schedule won’t be affected and, in fact, the only thing it will affect is The Ne’er-Do-Wells won’t be going to a 2x a week schedule just yet and, well, you guys kinda have to suffer through my art for a few weeks. I promise to give it my best shot though.

Something I’ve been meaning to mention the last several weeks is a ginormous THANK YOU for the donations over the last couple months. It doesn’t matter if you donated $1 or $2, you guys paid for our hosting the last few months and with ad revenues tanking over 1st quarter woes, we really needed it! We humbly bow before your generosity. :D

I’ll see what I can do to get a new vote incentive up asap, but right now I’m thinking about doing something a little different….we’ll see how things go over the next week and if I can find the time to do it right. As always, I’ll post the arrival of a new vote incentive in the chatbox and on our FB Fanpage.

That’s it this week, see you next Monday with Belmont & Co.!


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