And we’re back.

We’re updating Mondays & Thursdays again if you‘ve taken a couple weeks off for the holidays. Midnight updates like this one and Thursday’s comic should be considered the exception and not the rule though. They’re nice, but may not be realistic, our goal is by noon. Of course, when we can, we’ll do better.

In case you missed it, a new page from The Call went up last Thursday in the blog and has now been added to The Call Archive. Please note that now that the regular comic is back on schedule, we’ll be moving The Call updates to every Friday in the blog.

Don’t forget there are new vote incentives every Monday now so be sure to check it out and see which of the cast gets the chibi treatment next! You can also take a look to the left to see when the latest vote incentive has been added. Yeah, it took us 10 months to figure out to add that. :p

See you Thursday – @Midnight!


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