Well, there you go, problem solved, Jeanne! Interesting though…so Gull is saying that Jeanne really was who Richard left Oscar to? Was Percy wrong? Or was he lying? Or is Gull? Hmm….

Anyway, turns out I had WAY too much dialogue for this page so I had to edit, re-write, re-edit, re-write, etc. etc. a few times until all the necessary info fit onto the page. Not sure how it reads at this point so I’ll need to have a look at it with a fresh set of eyes a bit later and make any changes that may be needed then.

FUN FACT: Only one of the characters above hasn’t appeared in the comic before…

This week we’ll be updating a new comic page every weekday. Tues & Weds. Will have new pages of The Call in the blog, Thursday will be the regularly scheduled update and then another page of The Call on Friday. Be sure to come back and check them out every day this week!

New vote incentive should be up now and if you missed those posted in January, you can check them out by visiting our Facebook page, specifically, the Expired Incentives folder in the photos tab.

See you tomorrow!

EDIT 2/2/2011: Uploaded new revised page to eliminate the wall of text of the previous version. Hopefully, this reads a little better.


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